What brand does the kitchen have, whole kitchen decorates note item

Artificial marble is so tender, the dust or impurities on the cloth can make its face spend. If you don't have the money for a dupont corini, try to use white or light colors, so that even scratches aren't obvious, pity my black countertops! 2. Marble mesa, don't listen to js with silica gel, in addition to the marble calculated on square, corner cut, edge grinding, other expenses should not have, artificial cost is included in the cost of square, especially do not use silica gel, it is waste, and is spread of marble with cement. I fell for it and used more than 100 pieces of silica gel to make marble. The cabinet designer suggested laland rice cases. Fortunately, I saw the discussion in the jar. At the last moment, I canceled both of them resolutely and used a sterilizer. 2. Do not open the pipe between the gas pipeline and the kitchen gas water heater. Open a slot in the wall and bury the PVC pipe. The power switch of kitchen discharge, microwave oven, refrigerator and other electric appliances should be designed in advance. The ceramic tile of the kitchen does not want to buy inferior smooth, otherwise fat very hard wipe.

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