Whole ceramic tile integral kitchen decorates have what step

First, make the overall layout planning, such as smoke machine, the location of the sink; Whether to put the refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, induction cooker and their location; Then according to the planned layout or change of water and electricity to the appropriate location, because usually darker skin, so want to go in front of the tile is good, in order to avoid delaying after, change the water and electricity to test, because it is a dark tube, must try pressure to do well the next step; Next is waterproof, generally small kitchen water, don't do waterproof, if you want a more assured, do it again can also, finish doing waterproof close water test, (usually 48) in order to avoid a problem with the downstairs after unhappy; Next is to stick the wall brick, paving the floor tile, paving the brick to stop for two days, wait for cement solidification almost before the next step; If it is to let carpentry make ambry, do ambry directly. If it is to make brand ambry, it is necessary to let sell ambry measure after putting up brick, because this has a period; When making ambry, should choose electric appliance to wait, basically it is oven and cistern, because do mesa should dig a hole to use, if be whole set

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