About us

China Yuehng Special Lamp Co., Ltd. Registed in 2007 at Xian,Shannxi China,Assemble industrial Heating lamp and deal with import and export differenent products as customers requirements from 2007.

 According to world economic changes,we have to change our business model and set up USA company and invest showroom and warehouse to serve local customer closely.

 Our Products line as below:

1. Produce Infrared heating lamp for industrial, LED LAMP for consumer.

2. New business scope.Design, produce and install Cabinetry which used for Kitchen and bathroom,in the meantime export the related products with cabinetry ,such as countertop,PVC floor,tile ,Toilet ect.construction material.

 After we survey the market and according the market requirements, construction material will be our main service in future,its services including:

A.Design and assemble Cabinetry.

B.supply Cabinet related products including Lamp, sink, countertop, Tile,

Mosaic,PVC floor and Ceiling,Wall,hardware, ect.

C.Install Cabinet,countertop and other handy material installation.

 The new business scope of construction material will be our key business in the future.

Start from the North America market,In order to develop the construction material,China Yuheng Special lamp Co,Ltd. Invested USA company and registered Chicago in 2016,then set up warehouse and showroom in Dallas 2018.

 Our warehouse will supply quick convenient services to local customer closely and supply after service conveniently.


To become a fast grow cabinetry supplier with its related construction material including countertop,Tile,PVC floor,bathroom hub with superior quality and affordable prices in USA. Plan to set up more showroom and warehouse as market requirements.

 Mission Statement

Whole sale to supply high-quality cabinetry and its related construction material,also supply installation services to target customer including builder,contractor, remodeler ,

developer ect for commercial and residential property.

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